About us
Our services include but are not limited to information data handling, data warehouse management and workflow management. We use Oracle technology in the first place when delivering on our assignments.

Concerning data handling and data warehouse, mostly we handle banking and customer service (Call Center) transactional database systems. During such projects, we are usually engaged in fulfilling data migration tasks, too, therefore data migration between different platforms is a prominent aspect of our job.

In the area of workflow management, we design and develop issue/task handling systems. We deliver complete solutions which, besides the workflow modules, include document management (archiving), communication (email, mail, fax, sms) and reporting systems.

Our services include WEB and WAP portal design and development as well. Besides Oracle and Java platforms, we are there for our customers in case PHP and/or MySQL tools are required, too.

We pride ourselves in having several years of experience of content development for mobile phone service operators.

We are team of people having an impressive track record in the telecommunication and banking industry. Our staff includes programmers, IT engineers and business economists with an excellent level of professional knowledge. Most of them hold multilevel Oracle degrees.
    • 1115 Budapest, Mohai street 5.
    • Phone: +36 1 611 4117
    • Fax: +36 1 611 4721